Nature 432Hz

by RQUE°

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Chapter I


Nature comes out the Seed of Life and it dances as it grows. Its mystery starts from within. Like the morning rise live comes and goes.
One is Born with a beautiful gift ''creation’’
When one fully overstand the universal laws and see that everything is one……………. . . .

This voice is telling me something, but, I can't fully understand the words what is trying to tell me. Its like I have to feel what this mist is trying to tell me or... Teach me? This warmt, its embracing me. Like a song from a long time ago. This tree is nice. It reminds me of when I was visiting the forest with my dad and my brother. Hmmm. I can smell those tasty pancakes. Okay enough day dreaming. I've got distracted by my own thoughts and this forest is trying to tell me something... Lets relax
...sit still
...focus....and let go

To be continued

This soundtrack is converted to 432Hz
This soundtrack is created by RQUE




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RQUE° Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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